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Our Purpose

What we do and for whom we do it!

H2CORP Ltd and GAIA-Projects Ltd envision a world, that replenishes the modern energy demand without negatively impacting our environment and health.

We search for new technologies all over the globe and determine the most promising new projects through our rigorous vetting process and guide those projects from prototype status to a successful market launch.

Our projects are the products of painstaking research and development for the most promising and exciting energy inventions and innovations — unique products, devices, and processes that help the world step away from its reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful energy resources of the past.

While the novelty of most of these inventions makes them expensive and time-consuming adventures, the clarity of focus that drives our joint vision makes the sacrifices and investments in them a cause worth pursuing.

We are fully committed to helping individual inventors, and small companies standardize their inventions and manage the preparations for market entry.

We take care of the complicated and cost heavy processes involved in proofing concepts and sponsoring innovation. With our unparalleled knowledge, experience of the 224 professionals that work with us, GAIA & H2 CORP has perfected this process, making it efficient and cost-effective, while producing actionable data that can make your innovations even better.

Currently we have three world leading projects we are taking to market:-

  1. 1) Production of low cost, emissions-free, Green Hydrogen produced from mixing our patented catalyst with any type of Water, including, Seawater, Brackish, Dirty, Soda water. Mixing the two elements separates the Hydrogen from the Oxygen and the released oxygen is utilised to quicken the process. No electricity is used in our production process.
  2. 2) Our Torque Enhancer System takes the power received from any motor and can multiply or reduce the rpm on the output side of our device. Result: either more speed can be attained or the fuel cost significantly reduced
  3. 3) The Motor Generator [MoGen] system uses a battery to start itself and then can be set to produce 3 Phase AC or DC current in sufficient volume to keep itself operational and to release its vast unused power production for use by any other device or the National Grid.

Gaia's and H2 Corps marketing strategy is to License the above technologies in most countries around the world so they can quickly gain access to Clean Air to breathe and a major improvement in their people's Health.

Cleaning our environment and ridding the world of harmful noxious emissions is our goal.

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